The Science Behind a Better Belly:
Five Fermented Foods for Improving Your Gut Microbiology
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Summer Bock is a Fermentationist™ and founder of Guts and Glory, an online company dedicated to providing clients with the knowledge and actionable skills to heal their digestive issues naturally. Her practice is based on the premise that good health starts in the gut. She is a trained herbalist with a background in microbiology and is certified by Columbia University in Integrative Nutrition.

Are you ready to learn several ways to get a balanced biome naturally using food? Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Investigate the most popular probiotic food sources and where to get them so you can help your family, friends, and clients achieve a better belly.
  • Since not all fermented foods are created equal, you’ll learn the important categories of fermented foods so you can make the best choices for repopulating your microbiome.
  • Which probiotic species you cannot supplement or replace with store-bought ferments (and must make at home).
  • How to get more than just probiotics from something that takes 15 minutes to make. (Hint: It has natural antimicrobial properties to crush the critters and balance the biome).
  • How to turn your passion for gut healing into a business that changes lives.
  • My detailed guide for buying all the gadgets and do-dads you need for the ultimate fermentation station.

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Successful Students, Just Like You

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Don't take our word for it — check out some of the results our students have gotten from the Fermentationist Certification Program:

Oh my gosh, Summer is a wealth of knowledge, which is awesome. If you want to learn about fermenting this program gets you a really good base of knowledge about fermentation, the history of fermentation, the science of fermentation, and the use of ferments. It is applicable to health, because we learn so much of the health benefits, too. I think it's so important to learn this information and this program is a great place to do it. You can take this just for yourself even if you don’t have clients. All you really need is an interest in fermentation and the program provides all the rest — enthusiastic & inspiring community that doesn’t let you fall behind, a program that is faced-paced, but doable even with a full schedule, and easy to follow lessons that give you a solid base for teaching, experimenting with, and building a health coaching practice with a focus on fermented foods to build gut health. The price of the program is totally fair and the payments are really helpful.

— Jenny Pandol, Health Coach, FCP Beta —

In the end I signed up because I could sense a level integrity and passion from Summer that I want to be around. From a couple of conversations with her, as well as her past students, I came to a place of trust that I was/am in the right place at the right time with it all. I think Summer’s teaching style is sincere and fairly dynamic. She loves what she teaches and it shows. She listens with heart/shen and that is hard to find that in a teacher. I can for sure say that I would recommend Summer hands down as a passionate trailblazer in this arena in anyone who asks.

— Tiffany Pollard LAC, Acupuncturist, Owner of Synergy Wellness Center —

I signed up for this program because I prefer TIME TESTED modalities of healing. I learn best by being told the details of why things work. I’m not likely to do something if someone is telling me what to do without explaining it. Summer is great at sharing the scientific reasons why, which gets me motivated to share this work with my clients. Her wit, energy, and devotion to this teaching is thorough! Summer helps me feel like I’m a part of the group (that I do offer something and need to keep showing up). IF you have internet there is a lot of support and more to the program than simply learning ferments, which is GREAT!

— Nicole Wirth, Lymphatic Specialist and MediCupping —

The Fermentationist™ Certification Program teaches you exact steps to apply ancient technologies to modern-day problems and restore digestion naturally. The result is confidence making and recommending the right fermented foods to increase nutrient absorption in the body.

— Sally Fallon Morell, President of The Weston A. Price Foundation —

I’m here because I wanted to learn how to ferment. My son sent me Summer’s link on the computer and I checked it out and I was hooked! I got connected with Summer and we had a conversation and I thought ‘well, I’m not a practitioner and I don’t have clients but I’m really interested in pursuing the sauerkraut and all the fun ferments that go along with being a Fermentationist™.

— Barbara Burdick, Master Gardener – Hood River, OR —

End Your Digestive Troubles

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Using Fermented Foods Fermented foods have the power to totally transform your life — they radically shifted mine.

And while new companies crop up daily, promising the next wonder food, not all of these store-bought ferments have the right probiotics. Sometimes they don’t have any at all!

If you want to feel better and have your family feel better, join me for this FREE webinar.

In one hour you’ll understand the difference between high-quality fermented foods and the stuff you shouldn’t bother buying, let alone eating.

You CAN get your probiotics from food and feel awesome again! In this FREE training, I’ll teach you how I ditched my gut-based issues without medications…and how you can get a reputation for making some of the tastiest meals around.

This free training will save you thousands of dollars & hours of time

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Set aside an hour and make an investment in your healthiest future!

I want you to have this information, for free. All you need to do is be there!

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