Put A Billion Bacteria To Work For You.

Get energy and strengthen your immunity using fermented foods as a tool for healing the body from the root of most disease — the gut.

(Now that’s symbiosis!)

What Exactly Is The Fermentationist Certification Program?

Besides being fun to say, The Fermentationist™ Certification Program is a training program that shows you step-by-step how to make the most healing fermented foods and use them with your clients to heal IBS, asthma, food allergies, low energy, digestive issues–BEYOND probiotic supplements or permanent food elimination. (Okay, okay. We know it’s a mouthful, that’s why we call it the FCP for short.) Download the program details (check out the Program Details) to learn every single detail of the program.
Make The Recipes You Love!

Make The Recipes You Love!

Fermented foods have the power to restore & revitalize your body — but if made improperly you could make people sick. In the Fermentationist™ Certification Program you learn how to make every batch correctly and safely … so there’s never a question of whether you’re doing good or harm.
Talk About Fermented Foods With Anyone

Talk About Fermented Foods With Anyone

Even though the microbiome makes constant headlines these days, not everyone understands that fermented foods are the straightest shot to the best probiotics in the world. This conversation can be tricky to navigate — from your neighbor to your skeptical family. In the Fermentationist™ Certification Program you gain the skills, the scientific facts, and the confidence to navigate these conversations with ease.
Never Throw Out Your Ferments Again

Never Throw Out Your Ferments Again

Have you ever avoided making fermented foods because of fear of mold? Maybe you’ve experimented but ended up throwing out batch after batch of moldy food. In the Fermentationist™ Certification Program you learn easy ways to make sure each batch comes out perfect every time.

What You Get When You Join The Fermentationist™ Certification Program . . .

Comprehensive training to use fermented foods as medicine so you can confidently eat, recommend, and teach about this ancient tradition that supports a healthy belly. Learn which fermented foods to eat and which ones to avoid depending on the health concern you are dealing with.

You learn how to make the most delicious fermented foods without poisoning yourself (or your family). Most healthy foods don’t prioritize flavor, but when you are trained by an award-winning Fermentationist™, you will learn the secret behind making your ferments taste so good your whole family will gobble them up.

Our scientifically-backed training will allow you to talk about this process intelligently. By interweaving the science behind the ferments with the traditional aspects of these foods you will understand how to build a healthy microbiome, learn the exact probiotics in each ferments, and the unique health benefits of each functional ferment.

Why Do We Need Fermentation?

Real healing doesn’t come in bottles. It comes when the microbiome is powerful enough to do its job by keeping everything in working balance like humans were designed to do — and did do for years before stress, toxins, foods that do more harm than good, and the oh-so-well-meaning antibiotics industry came along. And before we lost the centuries-old tradition of using fermented foods with every meal.

  • When probiotics come from your food they enter your body with lactic acid, which kills bad bacteria and prebiotics, which feeds good bacteria. These probiotics crowd out toxic bacteria that keep you sick.
  • Probiotics are the living creatures in your microbiome responsible for stronger immunity, better digestion, making vitamins that are easily absorbed, manufacturing special molecules called short-chain fatty acids, and preventing bad bacteria from taking up residence and wreaking havoc on your insides.
  • Probiotics are essential to your life and health. Without them you set yourself up for chronic and debilitating diseases like Type 2 diabetes, asthma, allergies, obesity, and leaky gut.

The Fermentationist™ Certification Program Teaches You How To Do Daily Healing With Food

Gut imbalance can cause itchiness, rashes, dandruff, poor memory, brain fog, acid reflux, indigestion, burning in stomach, cramping, mysterious pains in your abdomen, racing heartbeat after eating, feeling tired after eating, a frazzled demeanor, insomnia, anxiety, toenail fungus, yeast infections, bloodshot eyes, dark circles under your eyes, waking up exhausted, mood swings, cold sores, dry skin, chapped lips, swollen joints, imbalanced endocrine system, unstable blood sugar levels, Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, seasonal colds, asthma, food intolerances, environmental allergies, ADD, cravings, food addictions, diarrhea, constipation, and fatigue.

Even some of the best probiotic supplements and store-bought fermented foods can’t replenish years worth of damage done by antibiotic misuse, toxins, stress, and nutritionally devoid food.

Take Healing Into Your Own Hands

The most probiotically-packed healing fermented foods are the ones you make for yourself.

This program is for nutrition nerds, massage therapists, health coaches, herbalists, gardeners, Do-It-Yourself-ers, and aspiring wellness practitioners. This program is great for moms, people who love to cook, and educators.

Each handbook in the program is cited with the most current research. This is the perfect certification for continuing education for practicing wellness professionals.

Still Have Questions? Check Out The Free Resource Library

  • If you are wondering what the heck fermented foods can do for you…start here
  • If you are intrigued by the power of fermentation and want to know exactly which ones to eat first, start here
  • If you want in on the controversy of kombucha, start here

What Makes The FCP The Best?

Rather than just tell you to use these foods, I’ll actually show you how.

You’ll not only learn the recipes and how to make these crave-worthy foods, but you’ll also learn the straight up facts on why fermented foods work so well.

The training is delivered via audios, handouts, protocols, live teleclasses, recommended readings, and online forums.

And this isn’t just some training-in-a-box where we hand you the info and say “nice (not) knowing ya! Good luck out there!” Instead, you will get access to me in group calls

We give you tools to use in your client sessions, a stock house of scientific articles to back up what you already intuitively know, and even teach you straight up business skills so to make sure you put all your fancy learning to use!

  • Correctly Apply Raw Fermented Foods to Health Concerns
  • Become Proficient in Teaching Classes Online or In Person to Market Your Practice
  • Learn to Heal Your Own Health Issues
  • Grow Your Business Virtually or In Person
  • Permanently Heal the Root Cause of The Most Persistent Digestion-Related Problems

What’s unique about the Fermentation Certification Program besides the science and art of healing with fermentation?

This program sets you up to succeed as a business owner, not just a health coach.


#1 Immediate Access To The Bonuses!

  • The Gut Rebuilding Handbook – Principle 1 “How to test your pH”
  • How to Build a Fermented Foods Business – 3+ hours of how to get started
  • Access to my Making Fermented Veggies Video Series.

I give you all the resources and answer your questions in these packed business intensives! Not interested in the business side? I have released the first ferment lesson for you to really dig deep into the science with the latest research.


Giving you more ideas on how you can make a huge difference from what recommendations to give your clients, family and friends to tips and tricks to get the most probiotics in your homemade ferments.

You’ll learn:

  • Sandor Katz, of course, I interview the Fermentation Revivalist
  • Sally Fallon of Weston Price speaks with us about Fermenting.
  • Donna Gates and many more …

Get clarity in these 6+ hours of interviews!


Excited? So are we!

Learn more about the FCP curriculum, schedule, and possibilities that await you here — Download the program details to see what the past FermentationistsTM have done with their certifications!


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