Peek Inside The Module And Experience The Program Delivery

After you register, you will get access to the program itself. I have spent years perfecting the delivery of the material to increase engagement and enhance learning. I am very happy with our new method.

Watch this video to see what the Sauerkraut Module looks like as a participant!

  • “Yay! It truly has been a whirlwind but I really appreciate the comprehensiveness of the program. I love that there are multiple learning styles being accommodated (reading isn’t your thing? That’s cool, listen to the audio.) I love the depth of the information being presented while not being too dense and I also really enjoy your presenting style. I’m loving everything that we’ve done and I would definitely recommend the program to other people!”

    – Macky Page, Certified Fermentationist™

  • “There’s been no problem accessing the information. It’s super easy to use. It’s been easy to follow and easy to understand. I really enjoyed the whiteboard lessons, it created a new way to soak in information. I liked the diversity in teaching methods; audio, video, demonstrations, whiteboards, handouts, and discussions. The recipes are great. The information’s been awesome. It has. I know that there’s so much more to learn, but I feel like we’ve really gotten a good base and then some.”

    – Jenny Pandol, Health Coach, FCP Beta participant

  • “The ruzuku is great. I love the format. I like that there’s the audio, and a separate video, and then you have the PDF option for download. I think that’s great. Yeah, it’s a good program. I like how it’s got the bullets you can follow through, everything’s broken down by section.”

    – Rochelle, Hair Stylist, FCP Beta Participant

Peek Inside The Enthusiastic And Supportive Facebook Community

I am delighted at the way our private Facebook group gets to geek out on fermentation. It’s wonderful to watch how much excitement and support is in the community.
  • “My name is Terri Richard. I live in a small farm town in North Dakota. I found Summer last Spring speaking on a Health Summit.

    When I heard her speak I could totally relate to everything she was saying! I was especially interested in her fermentation school. After the summit I was signed up and ready to start with the next group on my journey to be a certified FermentationistTM.

    It has been an amazing course! Summer is just a wealth of information. During the Fermentation Program you not only learn about 12 different ferments but you learn what probiotics are present in them, all about the different probiotic strains and bacteria. Every week a new ferment module is released. You have access to the online library where there are videos as well as written instructions on how to do each ferment. We have video chat calls where you can share and ask questions. There is also an awesome Facebook Group that you can share, get feedback and ask questions. There is always someone available to answer your questions! What you will learn in this program is way beyond just the ferments. I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested in taking their health to the next level! Summer also has many different programs. I have taken them all and have loved every minute of it! I have learned so much from Summer Bock in the last year, it is a wonderful experience.”

    – Terri Richard, Certified FermentationistTM

  • “I have thought a lot about this as it is truly fast and furious. I love that I have incorporated so many fermented foods into my life, and that I have the knowledge to help others do the same! I have also loved the support of this community, it truly is uplifting and inspirational!!”

    – Rachael Hickerson-Smith, Certified FermentationistTM

  • “I really love sharing on Facebook and seeing what everyone’s doing. When anybody gets freaked out, we help each other.”

    – Rochelle, Hair Stylist, FCP Beta Participant

  • “Everyone’s so enthusiastic in the Facebook group. It was really helpful to see what people were doing and how they were dealing with issues that were coming up for them. I think that was definitely a motivation. Having that group is crucial. Definitely. All you really need is an interest in fermentation and the program provides all the rest – enthusiastic & inspiring community that doesn’t let you fall behind, a program that is faced-paced, but doable even with a full-schedule, and easy to follow lessons that give you a solid base for teaching, experimenting with, and building a health coaching practice with a focus on fermented foods to build gut health.”

    – Jenny Pandol, Health Coach, FCP Beta participant

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