Are you recommending the right probiotics and the proper fermented foods to your patients based on their particular health concerns?
Cutting-Edge Chart Shows Exactly Which Functional Ferments Your Patients Should Be Eating, & Which They Should Avoid Based on Their Specific Health Condition

Download Summer Bock’s Practice-Amplifying, FREE “Chronic Health Concerns and Fermentation Pairings Chart” so you can:

Confidently recommend the proper ferments specific to your patients’ health conditions so their healing process doesn't stall and they end up seeing other practitioners.

Learn how all ferments are not created equal and why each have different probiotic profiles, with different properties targeted to the different, specific symptoms your patient presents with.

Close the Gap in microbiome-focused functional medicine education so you can confidently treat gut-related disorders and get results faster.

Stop being confused by contradictory information regarding popular ferments like kombucha and kefir that could be exacerbating some of your patient’s conditions.

Deepen your clinical skills, personalize your recommendations, and go beyond simply prescribing sauerkraut, L-glutamine, and probiotics for every single one of your patients who need more specific, targeted gut support.

Health Concerns and Ferments Chart
Go Beyond The Common, COOKIE CUTTER PROTOCOL to balance the microbiome (that doesn’t work for everyone).

For years in my private practice, my clients come to me with the exact same prescription in hand: bone broth, sauerkraut, probiotics, and L-glutamine. And it isn’t moving the needle for them. Some of them are reacting stronger than ever. Symptoms exacerbated, uncomfortable, desperate, and hopeless.

They get disheartened and lose hope in doctors when they get treated exactly the same as everyone else has treated them before.

Introducing functional ferments.

The list of fermented foods is long, but only a select few contain health-promoting properties such as probiotics or increased nutrient bioavailability.

Many ferments are made purely to preserve the food (vinegar pickles) or enhance psychoactive properties (alcohol) or to transform the toxic alkaloids and make it edible (coffee). But these are not the powerful class of functional ferments that can dramatically improve the microbiome, strengthen the immune system and promote better overall health when recommended correctly.

In functional medicine training, practitioners are taught to recommend raw-unpasteurized sauerkraut (among other standard protocols) to support the proliferation of a balanced and healthy microbiome while solving gut-based issues.

After 7 years of training practitioners how to use functional ferments properly, I developed a comprehensive chart that shows exactly which functional ferments are best to use with the which common chronic conditions and symptoms.

I’ve compiled every study I could find into distinct fermentation modules that show the probiotic profiles, increased bioavailability of nutrients, and other health-specific effects of ferments creating the backbone for my new Fermentationist Certification Program®.

The most popular chart from the program – which pairs conditions to specific ferments to use (and avoid) is now available to all functional medicine practitioners with this download because it is time to develop finesse when you work with your patients’ microbiomes and start personalizing your recommendations based on what they truly need.

About Summer Bock

Summer Bock is the founder of the Fermentationist Certification Program® and a trained herbalist certified in integrative nutrition through Columbia University. A raver in her early twenties, devastating allergies emerged that left her exhausted, hive-ridden, and only able to consume 30 foods without a reaction – an outlook that stumped the medical community.

Leveraging her background in microbiology and fascination with gut health, Summer healed herself through research and formulation of various digestive bitters, which she now produces for her Guts & Glory Apothecary online. Summer Bock coined the phrase “Gut Rebuilding”, which is now cornerstone terminology in the integrative health conversation.

Each week, Summer educates over 100,000 nutrition nerds at, and coaches thousands of others to overcome the same symptoms that once rendered her unable to function.

When not coaching others to optimum health or formulating new digestive protocols, Summer enjoys skiing, surfing, boating, and traveling with her boyfriend.

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