Are you taking the probiotic equivalent of a sugar pill to fix your gut?

Let me show you the 3 Major Gut Mistakes you could be making right now (and how to fix them)

Finally, someone tells the truth on why fermented foods and probiotics don’t actually heal your gut…

Hey—Summer here…it’s probably a little surprising for you to read the words “fermented foods and probiotics don’t actually heal your gut” coming from me, a probiotic and fermented foods expert (aka FermentationistTM), which is why I think it is really important for you to read this page.

Because right now your gut issues are driving you crazy. The physical symptoms are bad enough—things like brain fog, diarrhea or constipation, food sensitivities, allergies, chronic fatigue, and belly pain…

But worse than the symptoms is how miserable they make the rest of your life. You spend a lot of time and energy thinking about things that other people just don’t…

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Do I drive to the drugstore right now and buy an enema kit or just take more supplements and wait until morning?

If I eat this, is it going to make me feel sick and ruin my day?

I need to get things done but all I want to do is lie down.

Do I eat before I go out to dinner with my friends or just not go?

Does everyone have low-grade bellyaches all the time?

What do I do when I can’t eat the meal that my boyfriend’s family made?

Am I going to always be this freaky person who can’t function normally because I’m sick?

How do I hide the fact that I’m exhausted because I spent all night scratching my itchy skin?

What do I eat for lunch that won’t make me react?

Sometimes you have a few good days in a row, and you rack your brain trying to figure out what you did right…but in the end you can’t pinpoint it.

Or maybe you know what foods trigger you but you can’t stop drinking coffee or eating the sugar, wheat, or dairy that make you feel bad.

Food is supposed to be sustenance, joy, and precious relaxation time with people you love—not stress and hours of prep time.

I talk to so many people who know what it’s like to live this way…

To feel uncomfortable all the time.

To feel left out of social situations because you have to eat in a certain way.

To want your partner or family to eat like you because you don’t want to do it alone.

You’ve tried everything you can think of. Restricting more foods. Taking more supplements. Using more over-the-counter remedies. Adding in more fermented foods and probiotics. Talking to more doctors. But these things haven’t worked and you don’t know how much more you can take.

It really can be different. You can get rid of your symptoms and the anxiety, shame, guesswork, and suffering. You can be comfortable in your body again and not let anything get in the way of the life you want.

You can know how to keep yourself and your loved ones happy and healthy.

But permanent food restriction and adding in fermented foods and probiotics alone won’t make it happen.

What I said in the past is not wrong, but there’s a very important subtle nuance here that everyone seems to be missing.

It leaves you to lead a life of quiet desperation where you’re trying to do everything right, but end up sick and struggling with gas, bloating, cramping, and food allergies.

It’s not the sauerkraut’s fault. It’s not the probiotic manufacturers fault. And it’s definitely NOT your fault.

It IS the fault of the media, marketing, and studies from 5 years ago when we learned about gut bacteria. They told us that all we needed to do to heal our gut was to get more of this bacteria and that would fix everything.

So a lot of people on the internet, on TV, and in clinics have been telling us to eat fermented foods like our grandmas and take these newfangled probiotics. The truth is, the science has just revealed that this is not actually how to rebuild your gut. For some people just taking probiotics works and they feel great.

So for those of us who need more rebuilding of the gut, let’s talk about why fermentation and probiotics are not going to be the solution for your issues—

  1. If you don’t have the right environment for the probiotics to grab onto the colon and hang on, you get just one day of digestive support and immune modulation and then poop them out.
  2. If you don’t buy the right quality or the right strain of probiotics you could be overpopulating the gut with the wrong species of bacteria for you.
  3. Many of the fermented foods you can buy claim to be loaded with good bacteria, but actually contain added probiotics that are farmed in laboratories and contain no ‘wild’ or ‘diverse’ strains’, which brings us back to the problem in #2 above.

If you’re aren’t getting this right you could be wasting a bunch of time, money, and effort.

The real way to allow fermented foods and probiotics to heal your gut is to actually rebuild your gut from the tissue level. No one’s talking about this. It’s called the bioterrain.

The bioterrain is the environment that the bacteria live in.

How Does A Healthy Bioterrain Work?

Your blood flows through your veins, bringing oxygen and nutrients to all your cells. This blood circulates along your intestines one cell layer away from the food you ate. Your blood cells are ready and waiting to scoop up the new nutrients that become accessible as soon as your body digests your food.

Some of those nutrients actually come from the beneficial bacteria that live inside your large intestine! These nutrients, like vitamins like K and B, break down easily in the stomach’s acidic environment, but are absorbed effortlessly when they are produced in the colon—this is just one of the reasons why these symbiotic bacteria are amazing!

These good bacteria feed off of the natural mucus in your colon, forming a layer in your intestines. They are able to communicate with your cells that modulate your immune system, producing GABA and other neurotransmitters that keep your stress levels low and your brain happy.

They excrete organic acids and bacteriocins that act as natural antimicrobials to keep pathogenic organisms from taking over this precious barrier between you and the environment. You are closer to the outside world on the inside of your intestines than you are when you are touching something with your skin.

This sacred barrier of symbiotic bacteria is what protects you from getting gut health issues.

I just described the ideal situation. Having a healthy bioterrain means having an ideal place for your beneficial bacteria to live. It includes the quality of your blood, your tissues, and the integrity of your cells. Your bioterrain includes toxins, as well. Natural byproducts of metabolism are normal toxins that a healthy bioterrain can process, filter, and eliminate effortlessly.

When you aren’t breastfed or have undergone trauma or taken many rounds of antibiotics, you stop nurturing the bioterrain. Over time, this means that the friendly bacteria can’t live there, which means no immune modulation, no free vitamins, no antimicrobial effects…

As a human, you are strong. You are adaptable—incredibly so. You can live for years, decades, even your whole life with the wrong bacteria.

But your body will compensate.

Weight gain or inability to maintain weight, metabolic issues such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, obesity, asthma, rosacea, environmental allergies, food allergies, dysbiosis, Candida, autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, alopecia, and Crohn’s, as well as anxiety, depression, and inflammatory bowel diseases …are all associated with your bioterrain being out of whack.

Symptoms such as brain fog, digestive distress, itching, hemorrhoids, indigestion, gas, bloating, fatigue, adrenal burnout, and anxiety are common among the afflicted.

As a human, you are strong. You are adaptable—incredibly so. You can live for years, decades, even your whole life with the wrong bacteria.

So why is your gut so messed up?

Maybe your childhood doctor was slap happy when it came to handing out the antibiotic prescriptions?

There is evidence that every time you take antibiotics you make it increasingly difficult to reinstate native flora in their habitat, the bioterrain.

Maybe you were formula fed?

Nature perfectly formulated breast milk so it contains sugars meant to do NOTHING except feed beneficial bacteria in an infant’s digestive tract. Without this foundational piece, your body may have never experienced a healthy bioterrain – even as a baby.

Maybe you were born through C-Section?

Then you missed out getting stocked with your mother’s healthy assortment of probiotics, and your immune systems has suffered, causing all kinds of seemingly unrelated problems.

Stress, trauma, emotional turmoil?

Intense chronic exposure to stress hormones is incredibly harmful to the gut microbial environment. Gut microbes respond to our hormones and neurotransmitters. This can cause an imbalance of bacteria that can exacerbate or trigger gut-based issues.

No matter what’s the initial cause of these issues, if you’re trying to do the right thing, eat vegetables and whole grains, exercise, even take probiotics but you’re still not getting anywhere, you’re in for a total treat!

Why What You’ve Tried Before Hasn’t Worked

When the bioterrain is out of sorts and you try to take probiotics or eat fermented foods it is similar to being in a city with a handful of carrot seed. You can throw those seeds on the ground and try to get them to grow, but without the proper soil, nutrients, and sunlight—you won’t get a single carrot. You probably won’t even get a sprout.

Probiotics are like seeds and your bioterrain is like the soil, nutrients, and sunlight.

Now that you know a little bit about the complexities, do you really think that a little probiotics and a spoonful of sauerkraut a day will really keep the doctor away?

Probably not.

Let me tell you how to actually do it.

Introducing Gut Rebuilding

The Gut Rebuilding Program is an 8 week guided journey into uncovering the exact reasons why your gut is screaming at you in pain AND why you’re suffering with allergies, fatigue, stress, and all the other issues that are dragging you down.

At the end of the 8 weeks, my goal for you is to not only feel like a totally new human and like your gut got a full upgrade, but that you will now be empowered to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and happy.

The Gut Rebuilding Program…

I’m also going to share with you:

You get 8 audio trainings—one for each of the 8 principles of Gut Rebuilding and EVERYTHING is recorded so you can listen conveniently anytime–anyplace.

Twice a month you’ll get on the phone with either me or one of my coaches and all the other participants for a Live Q&A coaching call so you can get your questions answered personally. All calls are recorded in case you can’t be there live. These are yours to download for lifetime access.

An accompanying 77+ page Gut Rebuilding Digital Handbook so you can skim through the material quickly and easily.

A private Facebook group where you can engage with the other Gut Rebuilders in a supportive environment. If you’ve ever been in any of my programs you’ll know how smart, active, and supportive my private groups are. I have a supportive moderator who answers all your questions and checks in with me regularly. I am in the Gut Rebuilding Facebook group weekly answering questions and providing support, as well. You will have an even stronger built in network of support than if you did this on your own.

Many people who join Gut Rebuilding are health coaches, wellness practitioners, or health nerds just like us, so you can guarantee lots of great conversation, recipe sharing, unique tips for healthy shortcuts, and enthusiasm galore!

The community support is one of the biggest indicators of success or failure. You could learn all this information on your own, but countless studies show the power of a group to keep you accountable—and I bet you’ve experienced that for yourself.

The Gut Rebuilding Program is a virtual program easily accessible from any computer. It starts as soon as you register.

Once you enroll, you’ll get instructions for how to get immediate access to the handbook, recipes, the Facebook group, and how to join in on the live monthly Q&A calls.


8 weeks is doable for anyone and it’s long enough that you can see real results in your gut health.

A Moment of Complete Transparency:

Those with especially sticky, complex, and long-term health problems will need to work on Gut Rebuilding for more than 8 weeks. You didn’t take 8 weeks to get to this point, so it’s not going to take 8 weeks to fix it. But what you WILL do is take the first big step and learn the necessary foundations. It gets easier once you know what to do and have the right information.

Many people don’t realize how much their gut issues were holding them back until they clear them up. If you wear glasses, you may remember how it felt the very first time you got them…you didn’t realize what you were missing until you put them on and could see the leaves in the trees again!

Hundreds of others have used Gut Rebuilding as the step-by-step path to clear them up.

The Gut Rebuilding Program At A Glance:

  • This Program is Virtual and EVERYTHING is recorded so you can listen at your convenience
  • 8 Trainings (available as recordings)
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions – get on the phone with me and all the other participants for a Live Q&A video coaching calls
  • Gut Rebuilding Digital Handbook
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the online course
  • Delicious Energizing Recipes
  • Insider Pricing for my other programs

Live the life you want instead of just the one you (barely) have energy for

The way we eat has totally changed...

We went through Gut Rebuilding a couple years ago. The way we eat has totally changed. I put the water [brine] from sauerkraut on my salad as salad dressing and I put it on my salad or as part of every meal. I wanted to say that our eating has really, really changed since we through the Gut Rebuilding Program.

— Marilyn, Washington

The depression I suffered is gone...

I found the cleanse and information very valuable and as I progress on a healthy path that there are lots of doors opening in different directions.The depression I suffered has gone I feel a lot happier and enthusiastic towards life so bless you and thank you kindly for sharing your knowledge and the support. I evaluate what’s happening everyday. Yes, life is good and laughter is a great medicine.

— Peter Rimmer, Australia

My bloating went WAY down after only one week...

I’ve been working on some health issues for over 10 years. I’ve come really close to feeling 100% healthy but there was always this one little nagging thing that was lingering. At least that was before I started working with Summer! I’ve done dozens of cleanses over the years with great results but was never completely satisfied. I’ve been constipated and bloated for so long I was almost about to throw in the towel. I’m so glad I didn’t!

After only one week working with Summer my bloating went WAY down so much so that I was actually shocked! And by the end of the program I was less constipated, I felt lighter, I was full of energy, my skin was healthier, I wasn’t having headaches anymore and I had a ton of enthusiasm!

The bonus for me was that I didn’t come into this expecting or thinking about losing weight. But I did. And it felt great to get rid of those nagging extra pounds after all! I love Summer’s passion and teaching style. It’s so easy to learn from her. She puts so much into it and makes it really fun. I think that’s crucially important when you’re working on your health.

I highly recommend this program if you’re suffering with any kind of digestive issues, bloating, constipation, headaches, low energy or extra weight. She covers it all and more! You won’t be disappointed. When I look back I know in my heart it was the best decision I could have made for my health. I feel fantastic and grateful for all I have learned the past several months. I thought I already had a pretty awesome life but now it’s 10 times better! : )

— Christie, Maryland

I'm more confident and my constipation is gone!

I’m taking Gut Rebuilding for a second time. It has been easier because I’m more confident, obviously, in what I’m doing and I understand the process. I want to thank you for your program, because last time I took it, I had constipation and I also had rosacea. My rosacea has cleared along with my constipation. That is wonderful!

— Sherry, Washington

The 60-Day
Gut Rebuilding Program

At the end of the 8 weeks, my goal for you is to not only feel like a totally new human and like your gut got a full upfrade, but that you will now be empowered to keep yourself and your loved ones healty and happy.

Join Today & Get...

  • The FULL Virtual Program
  • 8 Trainings (available as recordings)
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions & video coaching calls
  • Gut Rebuilding Digital Handbook
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Access to the online course
  • Delicious Energizing Recipes
  • Insider Pricing for my other programs

I'm focused, sleeping fabulous and have overcome my stress

You know what? I have to thank you. Gut Rebuilding has changed my life completely. I’ve tried a lot of different things, I’ve done a lot of different diets, I’ve been very health conscious, but this past year I’ve been under tremendous stress with 1 of my kids and it’s still going on. It just tears at your heart, but I’ll tell you, I was going downhill fast and somehow I came upon your Gut Rebuilding Program.

It has been transformational. I was a basket case, literally a bundle of nerves. I’m on week 8 now, principle 8, and I’ve done 100% alkaline for all 8 weeks, that is big. That is BIG. All alkaline has calmed my whole nervous system down. I’m clear, I’m focused, I’m sleeping fabulous, I’m not getting stressed even though the same stuff is going on out here and I’m able to remain calm. It’s life changing. What can I tell you? Thank you.

I’ve never had another program that came close and I’ve done psychological stuff, spiritual stuff. This is physical and it’s real. It really goes all the way to your nervous system which is exactly what I needed right now. I love to learn. I just love to learn new things especially about health. I feel too good. I feel too darn good. Every day I feel great.

— Karen D, California

The Gut Rebuilding Program Isn't For Everyone...

Who is this NOT right for:

  • If you are unwilling to admit you have emotions and feelings and unwilling to try to be with them… please do not buy this course
  • If you believe that your health is the responsibility of doctors and that they have the answers in the form of pharmaceuticals, then this program is not going to jive with your way of thinking – please don’t buy this program
  • If you want meal plans for every single day and expect that everyone would eat the exact same things then this program is not going to work for you. Instead, I provide guidelines and train you how to do each of the principles, but your body might be asking for something different for breakfast than what mine wants. I am a strong believer that you need to learn to listen to your body. If you want to close your eyes and follow me blindly without thinking for yourself, then this program is not going to work.

Who is this for:

  • You are willing to take responsibility for the outcome of your life and health
  • You can commit 4 hours a week of learning and taking action
  • You are ready for a breakthrough in health
  • You are ready to meet other inspired individuals who are on a similar journey as you

100% Money Back Guarantee

The 60-Day Gut Rebuilding Program is the best way to help you clean out and build your bioterrain — ensuring a strong immune system, calm and efficient digestion, and natural energy levels.

If you don’t agree after trying it, I’ll give you a full refund within 24 hours.

I’m confident in that guarantee because no other online course will allow you to:

  • Ask LIVE Questions when you meet with me for video streaming conference calls with the group twice a month for live Q&A calls
  • Heal your body with the actual steps I used to heal my body and get back into balance.
  • Hands-on Support from our live coaches
  • A Strong Community of others to support you in taking back your health
  • And much more...

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Gut Rebuilding will work for me?

The truth is that you can’t know for certain. That’s why I offer a 100% money back guarantee, so you can try it out. What I do know is that this program worked for me and it’s worked for many, many people when other things failed—even working with other practitioners and doctors. That’s a fact.

I hear all the time that people have tried 99 things that have not worked…and then they try Gut Rebuilding. Shortly after I see them post in the private forum that they’re making great strides, and we all couldn’t be happier.

Even though the body responds well to the protocol, we are all unique. Some people have more complex issues that have been going on for years. That’s why I created the Gut Rebuilding Resources Library with extra trainings for specific issues like Candida, histamine intolerance, and parasites.

I know you’re probably ready for things to change and I want that process to happen as quickly for you as possible. Ultimately, there is a leap of faith that has to happen. That’s why you get immediate access to the handbook and the first module.

Most people see results pretty quickly. And if you need additional support, I am available for private coaching.

Am I going to need to buy special supplements?

There are a few herbs and supplements that I’ve found to be very helpful and supportive to those doing Gut Rebuilding. It makes the process go faster and is kinder and gentler on the body.

It averages out to a few dollars a day. Honestly, at the height of my busted gut I would have paid anything to feel better, and so I tried many different products. All that trial and error wasn’t lost, however, as it helped me find some great things that DO work, and now there are certain brands and formulas that I recommend to my clients as the perfect complement to Gut Rebuilding.

I know that it’s hard to get everything you need and don’t want to spend hours looking for the right brands that have the correct doses. That’s why I made a Gut Rebuilding Kit available for purchase through my website, or you can purchase the individual products and herbs at your local shop.

You’ll also be saving money on future doctor visits, chronic issues that arise from gut imbalance, lost work, etc.

And on a slightly different note—if the cost of the program is the only thing that’s standing in your way of doing this, please consider how you might be get creative to make it work. I’m not suggesting you spend your last dollar to work with me (please don’t!) but for me there came a point where I had to decide to heal no matter what; that it was worth it because people needed me and I had better things to do than be sick all the time.

Why pay for the Gut Rebuilding program when I could just read about how to fix my gut online?

Gut Rebuilding is laid out with a step-by-step protocol. You get the right information at the right time, in a way that makes sense and that doesn’t overwhelm you. There are very specific principles in Gut Rebuilding that you won’t find in any other gut programs, for example, emotional detox—learning how to reduce exposure to emotional stressors can decrease susceptibility to and severity of gastrointestinal diseases.

I love the learning process myself—and there is nothing worse than getting a teacher who doesn’t present the information in a way that you can understand it. After years of teaching this material myself, I know what works and what doesn’t.

Yes, there are a lot of things you can do for free. There are books out there, and you might even have some of them on your bookshelf right now. But they’re sitting there, and you’re still reading this, which leads me to think that you still need something more.

And that thing is your bioterrain. Rebuilding your bioterrain so your body can easily host these symbiotic organisms while efficiently processing normal waste, toxins, and metabolites without your cells and organs getting overburdened.

And then there’s the community. It really is what sets this program apart from anything else I’ve seen. You can ask questions right away as they come up, so you don’t get stuck. You can also post your celebrations, aha’s, and failures in the group, which is equally as important, in my opinion.

Going through any health challenge is hard enough. I really believe no one should do it alone. It’s so much better when you have others who’ve been there and who understand.

You also get 2 group coaching calls with me per month. So no matter what, you get a chance to ask me questions. This is what makes the program really different from anything else out there. There are many chances for support that will set you up for success.

I have so many diet restrictions already. Are you going to take more foods away from me?

There are certain guidelines in Gut Rebuilding, but overall it’s a very flexible program. You might have to modify a recipe here or there, but that shouldn’t interfere with your food restrictions.

Once you’ve done Gut Rebuilding, you might find that you have less food allergies and sensitivities. That was certainly true for me, and I’ve seen it with countless others.

Plus, one of the best parts of Gut Rebuilding is that you’ll learn how to eat foods that really support you. It’s one of the principles — Intuitive Eating. Many people love this because it allows them to tailor the program to what their own body needs in order to thrive.

What if I have questions about the program or my specific issues?

You can email [email protected] and someone on my team with get back to you. Once you’re in the program, you can also post unlimited questions in the Facebook group. It’s a very generous and engaged community and you can even tag the moderator to get your question answered.

If you’re still unsure, that’s okay. It’s probably a good thing to feel a little nervous, just like when you’re faced with any big decision. What I’ve come to understand is that when I trust myself, and when I want something bad enough, I don’t worry about the how. I just keep taking steps in the direction of what I want. The effort that I put into it comes back to me tenfold.

Plus, one of the best parts of Gut Rebuilding is that you’ll learn how to eat foods that really support you. It’s one of the principles — Intuitive Eating. Many people love this because it allows them to tailor the program to what their own body needs in order to thrive.

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It's even tougher when you don't know have a guide.

It's time to make a decision — are you prepared to commit to taking back your health, and start healing your gut today?

If you're ready to invest in yourself, and get rid of your brain fog, diarrhea, constipation, and stop feeling miserable, you need to stop waiting for that magical day when everything will get better on its own.

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